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Reduce damage to firefighters with earphone walkie-talkie


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Reduce damage to firefighters with earphone walkie-talkie

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Lee Yoo = In the future, an earphone radio will be introduced so that firefighters do not have to take off the respirator mask for communication at the site of a dangerous fire.
As a result, the safety of firefighters will be improved, and the damage is expected to be significantly reduced.
The Seoul Fire & Disaster Headquarters announced on the 11th that it will introduce a radio with eardrum transmission and reception earphone type so that firefighters can use both hands freely and communicate while wearing masks in an urgent disaster site.
The earphone walkie-talkie consists of a device (dongle) that supports wireless functions by attaching it to an existing portable radio, a fist microphone with an operation switch, and eardrum transmission and reception earphones.
The eardrum transceiving earphone, which is the core, not only allows you to hear the other person's voice, but even without a separate microphone, it senses the earphone wearer's voice as vibration in the air in the ear, converts it into a voice signal, and then delivers it to the other party.
Therefore, it is possible to communicate while wearing an essential air respirator mask (faceted body) at the fire fighting site.
At this time, the portable radio can be worn around the waist or put in a pocket.
Firefighters had to take off their faces in order to communicate at the fire site, and they had to take out a radio with over 30 kg of extinguishing equipment such as fire hoses and destruction devices, so they were exposed to danger.
The newly introduced equipment is 420,000 won per unit, and it is planned to be supplied to all 2,639 operators who are put into the field by 2011.
Lee Ki-hwan, head of the Seoul Fire & Disaster Headquarters, said, "The introduction of a high-tech wireless communication system will ensure the safety of firefighters at the disaster site to reduce unfortunate accidents such as deaths and strengthen the on-site command system."
Source-Yonhap News

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