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Disaster network


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Seecode, a wired/wireless earphone manufacturer with a built-in radio PTT (push-to-talk) function, announced on the 17th that it will introduce a variety of products such as headsets and earphones for the disaster communication network business, which is currently in full swing. These products will be showcased at the International Security Expo held at Incheon Songdo Convensia until the 23rd.
The newly launched disaster communication network must simultaneously spread the situation to a wide area or nationwide and respond to disasters in three dimensions. It has the peculiarity of relocating mobilization resources and exchanging information in real time. In addition, the participating organizations are diverse, including police, fire fighting, maritime police, military, local governments, medical care, electricity, and gas. Since rapid information exchange is essential, the radio used in the disaster communication network is important, and the shape of the radio must also be varied depending on the usage environment. Seecode, which specializes in radio wired and wireless peripherals, has developed accessories for LTE radios suitable for various environments and uses.
Seecode plans to release products for the disaster communication network at the time when the disaster communication network is on its way. To this end, it has developed a wired earphone, a fist microphone, as well as a headset using Bluetooth technology, a fist microphone, a lapel-type earphone, and a headset with a hard hat. Products suitable for workers in quiet environments and products suitable for noisy environments can be used separately. The user's convenience can be increased by selecting a product that suits the purpose, such as a worker who needs to use both hands or move strictly.

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