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SEECODE’s Bluetooth Headset SHM 612 Becomes a Popular Item in the Second Half of 2020


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SEECODE’s Bluetooth Headset SHM 612 Becomes a Popular Item in the Second Half of 2020




SEECODE’s Bluetooth headset (model: SHM 612) is a product that can be connected to smartphones as it has PTT (Push-to-Talk) feature built in. It allows smartphones to be used as walkie-talkies.
The headset’s walkie-talkie function can be used just by installing the company’s application. The headset does not require a communications network and it allows wireless calls as long as communication is possible. Because it also allows for group calls, it can also be used for work. It also does not require a boom microphone. Because the headset can be connected to the application just by pushing the PTT button, one can talk to another individual or a group that was designated in advance and talk to the individual or the group by wireless. It is also not affected by environments that can make use of walkie-talkies poor as it has enhanced waterproof and dustproof features and a noise removal function.
Current walkie-talkies have limited ranges based on their power and require separate devices. They can also be affected by a same frequency band. However, because SEECODE’s Bluetooth headset uses networks such as Wi-Fi or LTE, it is not affected by distance and does not cause any confusion within channels.

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While PTT feature of Bluetooth headsets with a walkie-talkie feature built in works on Android smartphones, it does not work for iPhones. However, SEECODE’s Bluetooth headset works for all operating systems such as Android or iOS.
The company’s headset has been very popular amongst bicycle clubs and mountain bicycle clubs. It is also used a lot at hotel hotels, hospitals, and golf courses. The company is currently targeting walkie-talkie markets in Japan and Singapore.
In order to target various consumers who use walkie-talkies on daily basis, the company has also developed a collar-type headset that can be attached to colors, a headset that can be attached to hard hats, fist microphone-type headset with outstanding performance even in noisy areas, and a button with PTT feature that can be used with Bluetooth products that do not have PTT feature.
“We have developed and are specializing the world’s first walkie-talkie handsfree-type product and we are currently registering patents in South Korea and other countries.” said a representative for SEECODE. “We are going to continue to develop PTT devices with various features and functions.”
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