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Establishment of Wireless Radio System for Vessels


The Korea Coast Guard Research Center said it has developed the world's first wireless VHF navigation communication equipment microphone.

VHF navigation communication equipment is the most commonly used communication equipment on ships and is the main equipment used to communicate or communicate emergency situations.

Existing VHF navigation communication equipment had to move to the place where the communication device was installed in order to communicate in a wired manner. In particular, in the event of an emergency, the ship captain frequently moved to the communication room to communicate while directing the scene, causing great inconvenience. 

The Korea Coast Guard Research Center introduced Bluetooth technology to VHF navigation and communication equipment to improve the working conditions of the steering room.

Bluetooth was connected to the VHF communication device to make mutual communication with the wireless hand microphone, and the speaker function was also added to improve hearing ability. If Bluetooth does not work, communication is possible by connecting to an existing streamlined hand microphone line. 

In addition, the volume and weight (128g) of the microphone were reduced to reduce the fatigue of workers during long-term communication. It was stored in a dedicated sterilizer box to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. 

The newly developed wireless equipment clean wireless hand microphone is in trial operation on three vessels in the Central Office, one in the Namhae Office, and five government-run ships under the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (Namhae Fisheries Management Team). 

According to an official from the Korea Coast Guard Research Center, "We feel proud and rewarding as a developer as we have high field satisfaction, and so far, we have developed it to be compatible with the most used communication equipment in Korea, but we plan to gradually expand it to be compatible with all equipment." 


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