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Bluetooth earphones as a walkie-talkie?


Bluetooth earphones as a walkie-talkie?

Among the Seecode products, there are products that can be used as Bluetooth earphones. This product also has a PTT (=Push to talk. A radio term for pressing and talking), so it is usually used as a Bluetooth earphone.

If necessary, you can easily communicate with people grouped in advance by pressing the PTT button. The PTT button radio has the advantage that the group communicates at the same time, and it is possible to communicate with the other party immediately by pressing the PTT button in an emergency situation without needing to dial a number.

Existing radios were somewhat inconvenient in usability because they had to purchase and use radios separately, but recently, the concept of radios has been improved by downloading a radio app to a smartphone and connecting it to a Seecode Bluetooth earphone so that the smartphone can be used directly like a radio. Changed. It is simple and economical as it is possible to make radios with Seecode Bluetooth earphones and smartphones without purchasing a separate radio.

In addition, the existing radios were able to communicate only within 1km to 40km, depending on the output, but if you use the radio app installed on your smartphone, you can connect to the phone or use the radio anytime, anywhere if the local area wireless network is activated. In fact, there is a case where the construction site in Algeria and the headquarters in Korea are doing business while wirelessly.

There are increasing cases of using Seecode wireless earphone products as communication equipment with each other when riding in clubs that enjoy bicycles on weekends or holidays. Communication via Bluetooth earphone and radio app will be a useful service not only for users who enjoy outdoor activities, but also for logistics and construction sites.

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