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Seecode PTT button products, use cases that can be encountered in everyday life 01

Recently, new use cases of the PTT button SHP612 model sold by Seecode are increasing.

SHP612 is a product made to supplement the PTT button function that is not installed on the existing Bluetooth earphone when the existing Bluetooth earphone users use their smartphone as a radio by connecting to the radio app. Seecode continues to develop and sell independent PTTs to improve the inconvenience of consumers who use the smartphone's radio app by connecting it with Bluetooth earphones.

The function of the PTT button is also very useful for consumers who enjoy extreme sports such as bicycles, motorcycles and paragliding. Products such as helmet-mounted headsets increase convenience by allowing users to attach buttons to bikes or motorcycle bars and chat.

In addition, the PTT button SHP612 of Seecode is playing a role as a security product for women who walk alone, such as on a recent travel trip or on a late return home. When a button is pressed in a dangerous situation, the conversation with the other party is delivered in real time to the key contacts grouped in the radio app. And if one of the members of the group is in a dangerous situation, you can check the coordinates of the Google Map on your smartphone and report it immediately. In the event of a dangerous accident such as a natural disaster, the Seecode SHP612 product is also useful. When you press the PTT button of the SHP612 product, the situation is delivered to the contact information in the group in real time, so you can share your emergency situation with your friends right away, and you can connect with your acquaintances both at home and abroad by using Wi-Fi or telephone networks. It is possible.

Indeed, thanks to the simplicity and efficiency of use, the sales volume of Seecode products is increasing. In the future, Seecode plans to provide free rental plans to residents of local governments through cooperation with local governments for the convenience and safety of users.

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