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Seecode'Bluetooth headset with built-in radio'

It can be used by connecting to both Android and iOS devices, and it is also developed with IP67 dust and water resistance. It has a detachable microphone boom, so you can extend the microphone according to the environment. There is no problem in listening and speaking even in a generally poor radio environment by enhancing the noise reduction function. Considering that the industrial site is an 8-hour environment, it was developed as a product that does not interfere with 8 hours of continuous use.

According to Seecode, this product will be supplied to Japan such as the Shinkansen by sending a letter of intent to purchase from NEC in Japan from the development stage. In Korea, the company's existing Bluetooth products, which have been used in many hotels, are expected to be upgraded to replace the existing markets as well as new markets.

Seecode is releasing a wired speaker microphone that can be used in noisy environments other than a Bluetooth headset, and can be used without noise even in high-speed vehicles. Wired speaker microphones are products with a loudness of over 100dB. It is a product used when using a walkie-talkie in freight vehicles such as high-speed rail, highway bus, and ready-mixed concrete.

According to Sicode, the head of the Gestation-Tae Research Institute, as a result of conducting several tests at KTX, which runs 392 km/h, communication is possible without any interruption or noise.

Wired speaker microphones are expected to be in high demand in Japan according to Japan's Road Traffic Law, which prevented wireless products from being used on the road, and are rushing to import and distribute with great interest.

Since 10 years ago, Seecode has developed a technology that embeds PTT functions in general Bluetooth or wired earphones in preparation for the spread of smartphone-based radios, and has applied for patents around the world. Recently, the market is expanding in accordance with the time when PTT phones are expanding the radio market worldwide, including Korea and Japan.

According to Seecode, in addition to the products released this time, it has a wireless speaker microphone, a hard hat-attached speaker microphone, a tube-type headset, and a wired earphone with a PTT function. We are preparing to replace the shortcomings of not being able to supply PTT with PTT accessories. Source: etnews reporter Ryu Jong-eun

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