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    • pro PTT2

      Push-to-talk Solution for Smart Videos

      ProPTT2 is an IP push-to-talk solution that features video PTT, voice PTT, real-time site video streaming, instant messaging, image sharing, user location control, as well as compatible voice PTT with conventional two-way radios, based on smart devices in a wireless network.
    • Real Time Feature

      Real time video sharing and voice push-to-talk
    • Easy Recording

      Lively through video,
      faster by voice
    • Special Simultaneous Access

      Special experience through a one-to-one channel that can connect up to 3 devices at once
    • Easy Use

      Easier by sharing messages / location

    Main features of ProPTT2

    • Main features
      1. Video PTT, voice PTT, instant messaging, and image sending for one-to-one, group, and one-to-more users (self-developed patented multiple transmission technology; video IP-PTT protocol using class applied)
    • Main features
      1. User location control service for customers
      2. Large server capacity that holds up to 20,000 users and duplexing for scalability; clustering and load balancing
      3. Strong encryption (SHA512, AES128, ARIA256)
      4. End-to-end encryption
    • Main features
      1. IP-PTT Gateway technology applied for compatibility with conventional two-way radios (FRS, UHF, VHF) and voice PTT
      2. Services for RoIP Gateway IP-PBX equipment based on SIP standard protocol
      3. Connection with interlockable SIP GW
    • Main features
      1. Supports various devices and network
      (smartphones, desktop PCs, smartwatches, and Android devices)
      2. Uses LTE/3G/Wi-Fi wireless network
    • Main features
      1. Supports various mobile and Bluetooth devices
      2. Supports PTT devices, RoIP Gateway equipment Bluetooth PTT buttons, wired PTT earsets such as speaker microphones, and smartphone bundle earphones
    • Main features
      Provides ProPTT2 customization product for setting up customer’s video IP-PTT system
      SDK: Client development
      Open API: Integrated system connection development
      Firmware: IP-PTT Gateway equipment development
    • Push-Tockie
    • Push-Tockie

      Push-to-talk Solution for Smart Videos

      This is not an analog two-way radio service,
      but an LTE smartphone-based digital two-way radio service.
    • Improve Work Productivity

      No more radio-shadow areas!
      The best radio environment with nationwide LTE network!
    • Reduce Costs

      Reasonable price!
      Just an additional KRW 8,000 from your smartphone plan!
      No more data plan worries!
    • Expanded Usability

      Endless scalability of smartphones!
      Advantages of IP-PTT, unlimited channels, unlimited phone calls, various additional features, and even combining solutions

    Main Features of Push Tokie

    • Main features
      Data Network (Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE)-based Smartphone Radio Service
      1. Sender can transmit instant messages to unlimited receivers (one-to-1,000 communication possible)
      2. Receiver can instantly receive and play voice messages without holding or a ringback tone
      3. Receiving and sending messages available through a Store & Forward feature (in an offline environment, save message before sending)
    • Main features
      Voice messages are not discarded by the IP-PTT (push-to-talk) feature, but are saved, recorded, and can be replayed in the receiver’s device.
    • Main features
      Diverse Data-based Additional Features
      1. Unlimited creation of channels
      2. Smartphone-based additional features, including text messaging, photos, and videos
      3. Wired/wireless connection, control, and management features utilizing PCs
    • Zello-Ptt
    • Zello-Ptt
      Zello is the highest-level push-to-talk app that connects 140 million users around the globe.
      Frontline workers, teams, and local communities are given the authorities through instant and clear voice messages.
    • Connect Live

      Connect with family, friends,
      and communities by using live voices with Zello.
    • Worldwide Channels

      Communicate with millions
      of people around the globe through public and private channels.
    • Recognized Globally

      Find out why everyone calls
      Zello the best push-to-talk app.

    Main Features of Zello PTT

    • Main features
      Easy Communication
      1. Tap contacts or recordings
      2. Push and hold the big push-to-talk (PTT) button and speak
      3. Remove finger from the button when done speaking
    • Main features
      Easy Recording
      1. Direct communication between workers possible through a one-on-one communication feature
      2. Ad-Hoc channels available for fast communication within groups
      3. Auto-save feature for smooth team communication
    • Main features
      Playing Missed Messages
      Zello can save recent/missed messages and notifications on devices
      Search and play messages any time by using the record button on any screen
    • Main features
      Listen to Recent Message
      1. Shows contacts, recent messages, and notifications
      2. Tap recent communication screen
    • Main features
      Status Update
      1. Shows messages and work status
      2. Available: Messages can be played in real time from all contacts and recordings
      3. Solo: Focus on one individual or group. Save other messages in History.
      4. Busy: Do not disturb mode. Move messages to History
      Offline: Move messages to History. Messages can be replayed up to 7 days from the day of receipt
    • Main features
      Send Notifications as an Individual or Group
      1. Send notifications including text (optional)
      2. Receive sound or vibration notification until receiver answers or erases the notification