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Wired PTT fist microphone

Wired fist microphone that can be used with radio terminals
It is a product specializing in radio terminals, and it is a product that is robust and convenient to use with a speaker, microphone, PTT, and integrated product. Use a heavy duty cable.

Product Detail Platform

  • Feature

    Main features

    • Radio terminal specialized product
    • Use of heavy duty cables
  • Specification

    Bluetooth Version -
    Bluetooth Mode -
    Profile -
    Supported OS Android / iOS
    Button PTT, Mic, SPK
    LED -
    Battery -
    IP IP54
    Content -
    Manufacturer Seecode
    Operating Range -
    Patent -
    Origin Made In Korea
  • SCW8952

  • Option


    • Size: 77L*59W*25H(mm)